MonsterContracts™ Purchases

You may request a refund for your MonsterContracts™ within 5 business days of purchase if you feel that it is:

  • not of satisfactory quality,
  • not a fit for your business, or
  • not as described by our website

Refunds are issued for purchase price minus processing fees charged by our payment provider, Stripe (which does not refund fees for refunded purchases).

You may request a refund here.

Please understand that we need to guard against people who just want to download the contract and get a refund to avoid payment (yes they are out there). In order to accomplish that, we will ask for an explanation for your refund request.

If we determine your reason for requesting a refund is legitimate, we will refund your purchase immediately. We don't want you to pay for something that isn't going to work for you.

MonsterContracts™ Renewals

Refunds on renewals are provided with no questions asked within 5 business days of your renewal payment.

You may request a refund here.

— Revised: March 10, 2020 —

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