Because things change!

Your annual membership insures you have the latest and best version of MonsterContracts™, such as:

  • updates to contract language and process from me and other members (I made 3 major contract updates last year)
  • state-specific language submitted by other members as they have the documents analyzed by a local attorney
  • additions and changes to the contract as it is analyzed annually by an attorney
  • Plus you can earn a free renewal if you submit changes or state-specific language that we approve and publish for other members.

You can cancel any time in your member dashboard.

We'll also email you before your renewal processes so you can decide if you want to continue.

Oh, and if you cancel the renewal, you can still use the contracts in your business. The renewal maintains your access to the contract updates and the resources (including things I'll be adding in the coming weeks like additional training and a private Facebook Group).


Since MonsterContracts is a downloadable product, there's not really a way to offer a trial.

But we do have a Refund Policy that we feel is very reasonable.


You may request a refund for your MonsterContracts™ within 5 days of purchase if you feel that it is not of satisfactory quality, not a fit for your business, or not as described by our website.

Click here for our refund policy.

The short answer is... it's as long as it needs to be and as complex as it should be.

The Master Services Agreement is around 14 pages depending on your choice of font and size. There are likely parts that you could shorten if desired.

For a contract, the Master Services Agreement is not complex. There are certain pieces of legal language that need to be present for your protection. But most of the agreement is written in plain English.


MonsterContracts™ have been used by WordPress freelancers and agencies around the world. But depending on your area, there may be local laws that your documents need to address.

It's always less expensive to have an attorney review an existing document like our Master Services Agreement than it is for them to create one from scratch.

Most users report that their local attorneys only take an hour to review the documents and find only a few minor changes to recommend.

As the MonsterContracts™ community grows, you may find area-specific language submitted by another member that you can include in your contract.

And remember, you can submit revisions to the contract as suggested by your attorney. If we approve them, your next renewal is free!


In late 2019, the MonsterContracts™ Master Services Agreement was analyzed by a Canadian attorney for an agency owner in the Toronto area and returned with minimal revisions.

Most of the language in MonsterContracts™ covers processes, situations, and technologies specific to website development and management. This language will probably not be affected by your location.

MonsterContracts™ does contain standard legal language that might need to be adjusted for your local laws. You should always have MonsterContracts™ analyzed by an attorney familiar with laws in your area.

For the most part, yes.

MonsterContracts™ was written to cover “normal” website creation and management. However, with adjustments to the Process section (which describes the process with which a website is constructed) and the Payment Terms section, it should work for a WaaS situation as well.

MonsterContracts™ is designed to cover you as you build and manage websites. It does not offer language covering ongoing services for SEO, Social Media Management, or other adjacent services.

If you offer these services, you can easily add your existing terms to the MonsterContracts™ template. 


MonsterContracts™ are downloadable .docx files which can be opened and edited in most major word processors.


You can earn $10 for each purchase of MonsterContracts™ that you refer.

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The MonsterContracts™ Master Services Agreement and Website Management Agreement are provided in a standard .docx format which can be pasted into Better Proposals or your favorite proposal software.

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