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Proven Contracts for
WordPress Client Work

If your client becomes a monster
are you confident in your contract?

Many contracts are full of holes or just a bunch of legalese.

MonsterContracts™ is different.

It addresses the specific situations we encounter as web professionals and provides legal cover for a growing business.

MonsterContracts™ are...


Battle Tested

Painstakingly refined in more than 20 years of real client work, these contracts cover problem areas many templates leave out.


Attorney Analyzed

Our contracts have been thoroughly reviewed by multiple attorneys familiar with web development and small business.


Annually Audited

Each year we submit our contracts for an attorney’s review to be sure we stay up-to-date with current issues affecting client work.


Member Strengthened

Members can submit location-specific language suggested by their attorneys and other ideas to strengthen the contract.

WordPress Contracts

designed for freelancers, solopreneurs, teams, and agencies who build and manage websites for clients.
Nathan Ingram talks about why he created MonsterContracts™

MonsterContracts™ Highlights

Delayed Projects

If the client disappears during the project, do you have any leverage to get paid?

Payment Strategy

Get paid even if the project stuck because you're waiting on content.


What happens if you want to fire the client or they want to fire you? Are you covered?

Scope Creep

Never be afraid of scope creep again when you clarify your process and include a change budget.

Care Plans

Do you have a contract for your care plans? Protect yourself as you grow recurring revenue.

Intellectual Property

Who owns what in the project? Can you reuse your code on other sites?

A Multitude of Critical Details

Specific problem areas in website development are covered, like...

Browser compatibility
Premium plugin licenses
Work performed by third parties
GDPR and other legal requirements
Email deliverability
Changes after launch

And many, many more!

What People Like You Are Saying


Kyle Van Deusen

The Admin Bar Podcast, Ogal Web Design

You Might Wonder if You Should Drop $200 on a Contract

You might wonder if you should drop $200 on a contract, which I understand… but I can assure you this: it’s cheaper than finding a lawyer to draft you your own, or fighting over your DIY contract in front of a judge.

And good luck finding a lawyer with 20+ years of WordPress experience to include all the provisions that we face on a daily basis.


Melanie Adcock

Adcock Creative, Newnan GA

Covers Things Most of Us Don't Think About

I knew I needed a contract. I spent hours searching Google for examples. Nothing I found covered all the bases. I limped along knowing I needed to at least have something as a starting point BEFORE I showed it to an attorney.

It was something I kept putting off.

Now I have a contract that works! It is easy to read and covers things most of us don’t think about. It gave me the framework to customize it to fit my business.


Paul Taubman

Digital Maestro, Somerville NJ

I Was Missing a Lot!

I had a pretty long contract that I used for years. I had my attorney review it and it was pretty solid. After seeing the MonsterContracts MSA, I realized I was missing a lot!

I quickly modified it and sent it off to my attorney for review. It came back with MINOR changes that were needed specifically for my location.

The cost to review this new contract was pennies on the dollar compared to getting the contract written from scratch.


Debbie Campbell

Red Kite Creative, Fort Collins CO

Saved Me a Lot of Time

Nathan's Master Services Agreement was a great starting point for creating my own SEO Services Agreement. It was very thorough and saved me a lot of time.

My attorney reviewed the final version of my document and had only minor tweaks, stating that it was well done.


Dave Braun

Pro Website Creators, Orange County, CA

Saved Me Hours of Time and Lots of Attorney Fees

Nathan's MonsterContracts have been awesome! They have saved me hours of time and lots of attorney fees by doing it on my own.

I made some minor adjustments that took me minutes, then passed it by my California Attorney. He only made one minor change that was specific to my state! If you want all the bases covered, or just a fantastic starting point, MonsterContracts is for you.


What's Included

Master Services Agreement

A single document covering website build and management supplied as an editable .docx file.

Website Management Agreement

A document covering website management services supplied as an editable .docx file.

Video Walkthrough

A narrated walkthrough of each section so you understand what they cover and what changes you should make for your business

Version Histories

A changelog tracking updates as the agreements change over time along with access to previous versions

Member Submissions

Members can submit location-specific updates and other suggested changes to the agreements (and approved submissions win you a free year!)

Helpful Resources

A growing list of tools and training to help you implement the agreements and systematize your business

Get Started Now

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Annual Membership

$199 First Year

  • Renews at $39 per year
    easy to cancel anytime

    Save $$$ over starting from scratch with an attorney, and get a contract specifically designed for WordPress Client Work.

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